A Barn Dance/Ceilidh (Kaylee)/Hoedown is the most cost effective entertainment, in many cases cheaper than a disco and involves everyone of all ages. All we require is that your guests are willing to get up and have a go.
The CALLER is the person that encourages your guests to get up on the floor (without being rude) the dance is then walked through quickly before the music is put on and continues to 'call' (remind) the movements to be done to the music i.e. right hand star, left hand star, circle left, do-si-do etc.
The emphasis is always on the fun side and getting it wrong is as much fun as getting it right as everyone is just there for a good old 'yee-ha' and 'swing your partners' We also supply callers with live bands but this is more expensive. See our full price
Our events appeal to a wide range of from Weddings, Parent Teacher Associations, Schools, Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, Church Socials (incl Harvest Suppers) Girl Guides incl National Camps, Barmitzvahs, Batmitzvahs, Town Twinning, Fund Raising, Sports Clubs etc.